Below are services that Red House Writing provides for its customers.

Interviews Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to determine purpose and steps needed for the task or workflow.  Write documentation, screen captures, determine template / layout of document, write processes and procedures, edit, test procedures, and created table of contents. 

Technical Writing

Act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in evaluating completeness, clarity, and flow of content.  Restructure rough document, rewrite sections, add new information if needed.  Apply formatting, templates, and style.  Make appropriate changes to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Ensure consistent use of voice, document style.


Evaluate and create instructional design package using the ADDIE method Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation.  Includes determining audience needs and gaps, appropriate method for training delivery (online live, online recorded, live classroom).

Instructional Design

All meetings / discussions held for brainstorming, planning, theory, and idea sharing on projects. Follow up documentation on consulting, proposals, and discussions. 


Services Offered

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